Tech is sorry for late PlayStation 5 deliveries

This is stated in an email that the online store has sent to affected customers. “So we ask you to be patient. We apologize for that.”

The company writes on Twitter that a small number of orders for the PlayStation 5 have been delayed due to complications. The company does not say exactly how many game consoles are delivered late.

It’s a bitter pill for some gamers, who were hoping the game console would arrive today. The Sony game console is officially available in the Netherlands from today.

Making amends

Victims receive a compensation from the site. Customers receive 15 euros in store credit, which they can put in a PlayStation credit card of the same amount, for example. With this they can then purchase games for their new console.

The PlayStation 5 sold out in record time, which means that the device cannot be delivered to new customers until late. The online store will not accept new orders from the console until the beginning of December.


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