Finance to the stock exchange? Good news for investors

This week very nice news from Dutch soil that we can not ignore: The ‘shop of all of us’ is investigating the possibilities of going public in 2022. Could that be an interesting step for investors?

This episode also discusses the top 5 best investors in the RTL Z Beursspel and their strategy, while stock market commentator Durk Veenstra discusses the stock market classic ‘this time the stock market situation is really different’. And Janneke, who tells you whether you have to be rich to start investing at all.

Are you not playing the RTL Z Beursspel yet? Click here.

Registration and participation is possible during the entire playing period from Monday 1 November to Friday 10 December. After the RTL Z Beursspel your portfolio remains accessible, so that you can continue to practice investing after that time.

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