Boost for Linda Hakeboom: ‘Recognize myself again’

Linda shares on her Instagram Stories that she has now had her fourteenth radiation. In the beginning I got very tired of it. After every radiation treatment I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. But now that is a lot less. It seems to be very different for everyone. For now it actually feels nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors a little bit more. “

After that, Linda starts talking about other positive news. “I’ve taken my eyebrows and eyelashes for granted all my life and not anymore. It’s just going to grow again,” says an emotional Linda. “In fact, I was recently at the point when I thought I might have to epilate a few hairs. It’s really bizarre, this experience. That this is just there again. It was completely gone. My hair is also starting to grow again. As a child I am so happy that I recognize myself a little bit again. It is also really special to see how strong the body is. “

Linda has been talking very openly about her illness for a while. A while ago she deteriorated rapidly. You can see more about this in the video below.


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