Borders closed on omikron | Run on self-tests raids chains | And the British Empire continues to crumble

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If you order enough on time, you will never be short. That clincher also applies to corona self-tests, but the purchasing managers at large chains were surprised by the ‘extreme demand’, according to a tour of RTL Z. Own fault, big bump, says an importer.

One by one the countries are closing things down again, because of omikron. Today, Japan closes its borders to foreigners, and those wishing to enter the UK must be quarantined upon arrival until the mandatory PCR test turns negative.

It was an excellent third quarter for cafes, restaurants, hotels, canteens and snack bars. Turnover is almost back to pre-corona levels. But it’s not hosanna everywhere yet. In the hotel sector, for example, turnover is still 23 percent behind two years ago, when no one had heard of corona.

A tsunami of petitions in The Hague. No fewer than five petitions are presented in the House of Representatives. These include the cry for help from small brewers who fear extra taxes, a call to also reimburse the loans of victims of the allowance affair and a petition from hunters who are concerned about *cough* their own skin *cough*, recovery: the number of collisions with wildlife.

The British Empire continues to crumble. Newly sworn in President Dame Sandra Mason officially relieves Queen Elizabeth as head of state of the tropical Caribbean island. With the move, the country, which has been independent for 55 years, will definitively cut ties with the former colonizer.

An extra windfall for those who have recovered from the corona in one piece. The corresponding QR code that you can then conjure up on your app is not valid for 180 days, but for 365 days.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday:
Duped investors who put money into the fraudulent crypto company Bitnetfast three years ago still hope to see some of their investment back. There would still be bitcoins in the bankrupt estate. “First see, then believe”, according to the curator.

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They aren’t there, but you can hear them: despite the empty stadiums, fans can still be heard on TV during matches. The whoops, whistles and cheers come from the so-called ‘jinglelaar’. What and when he lets hear, listen closely.

And this you may have missed last night:
The takeover of holiday home chain Landal by competitor Roompot is not yet a race. The new company could become too powerful, the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) fears.

This could come along at the digital coffee machine:

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ps Whoever wants to perform better should now and then just do nothing at all, writes Hidde de Vries.

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