Bosch: HR explains which criteria good applicants should meet

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The search for qualified employees is increasingly becoming a self-disclosure for companies. In times of the “war for talent” it is no longer enough to lure applicants with a generous salary and a lucrative position. According to a study, young top performers between the ages of 18 and 35, so-called high performers, choose their employer nowadays according to whether they stand for meaningful activities and a positive image of the future.

In Germany, such offers are rather the exception. A global study by the Danish employee engagement platform Peakon comes to the conclusion that employees in this country are more critical of the direction of their company and that they rarely recommend their employer to others. If your own employees do not advertise, why should top young people choose local companies?

Anyone who wants to survive in the market needs a strong purpose. Or if you want to put it another way: a self-definition of what contribution a company intends to make. In this regard, Bosch stands out from many competitors. In a current study of all German brands, the management consultancy Globeone attributes the Swabian automotive supplier the greatest potential for developing a sustainable purpose.

“People want to make a contribution to the bigger picture”

Such core competence has always paid off when it comes to retaining customers and consumers with a brand. It is not for nothing that company founder Robert Bosch coined the saying: “Better to lose money than trust.” Increasingly, however, a purpose also has a decisive influence on the recruiting of sought-after young people and the promotion of talent.

And that is exactly what Bosch has geared its work culture to across the entire Group. It basically consists of three points: enjoy, grow, perform – have fun, develop, perform. The triad with which ambitious workers define themselves today.

Petra Kama-Welle, Vice President Human Resources, is responsible for organizational development and transformation consulting. She helped to develop the concept: “Our deep conviction is that people want to make a contribution to the bigger picture,” says Kama-Welle. “The task of management is to design the framework conditions in such a way that they enable employees to be as self-effective as possible.”

The strategy that Bosch relies on can be described as follows: Those who enjoy doing their work are more willing to work on themselves and improve. This increases the company’s performance and income at the same time. An organization geared towards high performance – this is how it should look, the invitation to the top talents on the job market.

The working model includes the following in detail:

“We want to discover people’s talents. The focus is on promoting their strengths and creating framework conditions so that they can contribute their skills and competencies, ”says HR manager Kama-Welle.

  • Growth and Development (Grow)

“Our aim is to enable individual learning and further development. Everyone should, may and must be able to grow – and be accompanied personally in the process. “

  • Perform

“If each individual can develop further, we create the basis for good performance that benefits the development of the entire company.”

If you want to make a career at Bosch, you have to find access to these three points. You decide whether candidates are hired at all. Applicants sometimes get a feel for what is important in job interviews. “We mainly ask the question why, less the why”, says Kama-Welle. “The why always explores the past. The why is the question of the meaning and purpose – and thus aims at the future. “

There are two main questions that applicants have to answer on a regular basis:

  • When did you find yourself particularly effective?
  • What drives you in your work?

They are targeted templates for responses that candidates can use to generate interest and stand out from others. The HR managers use them to compare them with the company’s cultural values ​​and management principles. Bosch has set internal standards in this regard. Innovative strength and diversity are part of it, as well as reliability and sustainability.

Two points that stand out: Purpose and Passion. Ultimately, employees also have to embody what a company wants to stand for.

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If you take the Globeone study as a benchmark, Bosch is primarily perceived as forward-looking and credible. Not the worst prerequisites for a group that wants to contribute to change and problem solving in sustainable issues.

“Bosch is one of the driving forces in terms of energy efficiency and an enabler of electromobility,” says Niklas Schaffmeister, Managing Director at Globeone, to

Two areas in which top talent is urgently needed.

This article appeared on back in November 2019. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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