Bosses in crisis: they are worried, tired and stressed

The corona crisis is an enormous challenge for employees. But the crisis also demands a lot from managers who are under high pressure even under normal conditions.

A survey by the online job platform StepStone at the end of April shows how well managers really put up with the state of emergency – and how their employees deal with the crisis.

More than 1,000 executives and 6,000 employees without personnel responsibility in Germany were surveyed. The result shows that even if the uncertain economic situation worries a large number of managers (68 percent), most are still motivated.

Managers feel motivated and productive – but are becoming increasingly stressed

One reason for the high level of motivation could be that many (67 percent) currently feel that their work is more important than ever. According to the survey, eight out of ten respondents (83 percent) feel committed to work, seven out of ten (71 percent) feel productive and 68 percent focused. Their mood is mostly positive: a total of around seven out of ten managers (71 percent) rate their current mood as rather happy.

However, the crisis cannot ignore them without a trace. Every second executive (52 percent) said that their worries had grown significantly since the first weeks of the crisis in March. In addition, they are tired and stressed – which could be due to the fact that roughly every second manager is currently working more and taking fewer breaks.

“The crisis wrestles everything out of managers. They are not only required to a special degree to survive this time economically. At the same time, you have to relieve the employees of fears and organize good and trustful cooperation from a distance, ”says Dr. Anastasia Hermann, director of studies at StepStone. “Many managers are finding that directive leadership and control reach their limits and are opening up to more cooperative management methods. This experience will also shape the time after the crisis. “

Majority of employees rate management efforts as positive

Most of the employees rated the behavior of their superiors positively. 67 percent stated that their manager was coping with the crisis as best as possible. 60 percent said their boss had created a good structure for their everyday work. In addition, more than one in two (52 percent) stated that their managers paid particular attention to the mood and emotional state of the employees.

“Managers are increasingly trying to do what specialists have long wanted: Managers show empathy for their employees and their individual life situations and are open to creative solutions,” says Herrmann. If this attitude becomes normal according to Corona, one could expect a big boost in motivation and productivity.



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