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Bother of Concern? With these three tips you can get rid of that –

Do you also suffer from trembling knees and sweaty hands when you have to make an appointment with the dentist? No worries, You’re not the only one. Interest is a common thing. Research shows especially among young people. It is of course super awkward that fear of the telephone. Here you can read three tips to get over your interest.

From now on you pick up that phone as if it is no longer a big ‘thing’.

This way you get rid of your interest

You’re not the only one who hates calling. It is certainly one thing among young people. A study by Motivaction and Tele2 from two years ago also showed that 40 percent of people between 18 and 30 years old suffer from interest. That has not diminished now that calling is no longer a habit at all.

The biggest cause of concern is the uncertainty of a phone call. You don’t know how things will go, what will be said and whether there will be awkward silences. How awkward is it when the conversation grinds to a halt and both of you don’t know how to proceed? Many unfortunately know it.

Less phone calls

In addition, nowadays it is so easy to send a message or e-mail that we simply ignore calling. The number of telephone calls that take place has therefore been declining for years. During the corona crisis, those figures did rise again, since calling is often the only form of real social contact we still have.

That is why it is important, especially now, that you dare to pick up that phone to call your colleague / girlfriend / doctor. With these 3 tips you can get rid of your interests.

1 Just do it a lot

Yes, this sounds very obvious and also terrifying, but it is the best tip against the interest. The more often you pick up and call that phone, the easier it will be. Practice makes perfect, don’t they always say?

Schedule your phone calls

Do you have to call for work / study and do you find it exciting to do so spontaneously? If you have the time, send an email to that person in advance to arrange when you will call. This gives you a little more clarity and you do not feel that you are calling inconveniently.

Are you in a bit more of a hurry or I don’t have a meeting that you can plan (for example, the dentist or doctor)? Then write for yourself what you want to say. And yes, that can also be ‘good afternoon, you are talking to so and so and I would like to make an appointment for this and this’.

If you panic for a moment and forget what you want to say, then you have it right in front of you on paper. Who cares that it sounds aloud? You did it nicely for a while. And the more you do that, the less you need your cheat sheet.

3 Calm yourself down

It is okay if you need a few minutes before a phone call to prepare yourself. Often times, the unpredictability of a phone call makes us nervous, and that nervousness makes you stumble over your words.

So take a few minutes and do some breathing exercises. Take three deep breaths and shake your body for a moment. Take a moment to read your cheat sheet and make sure you have everything you need to hand. Also for this tip applies: the more often you do it, the less you will need it.

With these tips you are in no-time away from your interests and you are the pro who tells your friends how to do it!

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Bother of Concern? With these three tips you can get rid of that


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