Brabus 900 Maybach GLS: This is how the 900 hp Maybach drives

It’s not just the sheer size that catches your eye when you see this Maybach GLS already be awe-inspiring. Because in addition to the massive look, tuner Brabus has given the luxury SUV a whole shovel of performance. We are the tuned Maybach-Cruiser driven. (Presentation and information on the Mercedes-Maybach GLS)
But let’s get to the base first, because it’s by no means a bread-and-butter car. It’s the first SUV, which is sold under the Maybach name. A Mercedes GLS 600 with a lot of luxury and a 557 hp powerful standard V8 biturbo. But all that has brabus apparently not enough.
Brabus 900 Maybach GLS

The dark glazed chrome trim and carbon attachments don’t look as wild as you’d expect from Brabus.

Comparatively subtle look for a Brabus

Visually it shows Brabus 900 surprisingly subtle. Instead of countless spoilers and fender flares, which one expects from the Bottropers, there are only “slight” changes here. The chrome parts typical of Maybach models have a dark glaze and are no longer as eye-catching. On the side, it is the huge 24-inch rims in particular that brabus betrayed, as well as the thick tailpipes at the rear.

In the interior, the refinement is already clearer. Everywhere the already luxurious Maybach was covered with leather, two-tone and with a pattern in a shell look. Even the footwells are extensively clad in leather. In addition, a lot of carbon is used to underline the sportiness of the GLS, which costs a good 500,000 euros.
Brabus 900 Maybach GLS

The interior in two-tone design looks very luxurious, massage function and a cooling compartment are on board

As is usual for Maybach, this one drives GLS as a four-seater variant, you take a seat on very comfortable seats, and the leg and headroom also leaves nothing to be desired. Electric seat adjustment and massage functions are of course also on board, as is a cooler for the drinks of the rear passengers.

Increased displacement and new turbochargers ensure powerful pressure

Which brings us to the engine. But before we start, it’s worth taking a look at the name of the Brabus 900. Because it reveals which monster is slumbering under the hood: That’s right, it’s about 900. It’s not about the number of monthly salaries that you have to put on the table for such a copy, but about its performance. In this case, the V8 of the GLS produces a whopping 900 hp.
Brabus 900 Maybach GLS

The 4.4-liter V8 with twin turbochargers is hidden behind a carbon-fibre paneling with golden metallic flakes. 900 hp and 1050 Nm achieve here

And for that a lot was necessary: ​​First, the displacement was increased, instead of four liters it is now 4.4 liters, new turbochargers and modified software ensure that the unit finally achieves the said 900 hp spits out. And to protect the transmission and drive shafts, the maximum torque has been limited from 1250 Nm to 1050 Nm, which is pretty massive.

The Brabus GLS drives like a sports car

Of course, these bare numbers are also reflected in the driving performance. The 100 mark is broken in 4.2 seconds, and if you keep your foot on the gas, you can reach a top speed of 320 km/h. Pretty fast for a vehicle that has a curb weight of around 2.8 tons.

Brabus 900 Maybach GLS

Despite its curb weight of over 2.7 tons, the Brabus 900 can be moved in a very sporty manner. The acceleration is tremendous.

This weight cannot be explained away on the road, but it still drives much sportier than you would expect. Pushes like a real sports car, wonderful how you can still hear the whistling of the charger and the chirping of the blow-off valves despite the sensational Maybach insulation. With a snap of your fingers you’re from 100 to 200 km/h, the modified suspension is fun in corners and that’s no exaggeration, although there is quite a bit of leaning.

However, the wide Conti rollers seem to gloss over some of the weight. The overweight is not felt in the performance, everything feels more like 1.8 instead of 2.8 tons.

If you could find fault with something, that’s like the fly in the ointment, it’s the exhaust sound. Because the tailpipes look fatter than they sound, the OPF seems to have fallen victim – but the sound is perfectly adequate for a Maybach.

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