Brabus unveils the untouchable Ultimate E based on EQ Fortwo Cabrio

With the arrival of the new Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio, Brabus could not stand idly by and apply all its wizardry to the electric city car.

If Brabus is one of the craziest Mercedes specialists, he is also to Smart what AMG is to Mercedes. Or an official preparer who never misses any novelty of the brand with which he is associated. Thus, the new Smart EQ Fortwo goes through the Bottrop workshops to come out transfigured / disfigured (delete the unnecessary mention).

Dressed in a new dress at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, the Smart Fortwo is now only available with the electric motor alone, with an output of 81 hp for 160 Nm of torque. Undoubtedly too little for the preparer, used to powers approaching the four figures.

The Brabus engineers, however, made some changes to bring the value to 92 hp for 180 Nm. Enough to allow the Brabus Ultimate E to go from 0-100 km / h in 10.9 seconds in Sport + mode, against 11.6 seconds ago. The maximum speed still peaks at 130 km / h and the electrical equipment retains its original features, including the 17.6 kWh battery. Autonomy is almost unchanged with 125 km announced.

Two Smart Fortwos for the price of one

The one who is qualified as “Pocket rocket “By its parents, however, is no longer shy with its exterior plastic. Riquiqui aerodynamic appendages are legion, like the front blade and diffuser. The Ultimate E impresses more with its ventilated bow which seems to want to hide powerful thermal mechanics and its fender extensions to better accommodate the lightweight 18-inch rims.

Shy in the mechanical chapter, a little less in the cosmetics department, the Brabus Ultimate E takes off when it comes time to checkout: the small bomblet will start at € 49,450 in Germany. That is the price of an EQ Fortwo Cabrio which serves as its basis (€ 21,630 in Germany), another Fortwo Cabrio Prime (€ 24,430) and a few options.


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