Breaking: Loretta Schrijver does not drink coffee during Coffee Time

“Shall I tell you a secret?” she starts laughing on the Instagram page of the program. “This is not a bacon, but this is Diet Coke. I love sweets. And then you always hear: people who are a bit fatter drink Diet Coke and it makes them even fatter. I already have all those kinds of stories. And yet I keep drinking it because I like it, “she says while sitting in front of the makeup mirror.

But, in the broadcast itself … Loretta drinks coffee, right? The program is called Coffee time. No, even then the diet coke is what the clock strikes. “It is also in my coffee cups during the program”, she confesses. “Then it looks like I drink black coffee, but I find that so disgusting. It is nice for the throat, it is thin and that effervescent, that also removes a bit of that hoarse sometimes and then my voice is a bit purer again. “

Apparently Loretta is not the only one with this secret, because she hears on the spot that Eus (Őzcan Akyol) is doing the same. “Now I just heard that I am not the only one who does that, but now Eus and I have that in common. It seems as if everyone is doing it all of a sudden.

In addition to this little secret, Loretta has more fixed rituals. Below she looks back on 10 years Coffee time.


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