Breakthrough: first corona vaccine works in humans

A US company’s vaccine produces antibodies in subjects and makes them immune to disease.

It is the first vaccine against Covid that has been tested on humans and is not only well tolerated, it also produces an immune response so that it can prevent infection from the virus protect. This is the very sensational result that the US pharmaceutical company Moderna in Cambridge Massachusetts announced on Monday.


The Moderna company in Cambridge

For the time being, there are only eight healthy patients on whom the active ingredient has been tried, but all of them have been proven to produce antibody against that virus – and this antibodywhich were subsequently taken from them could do this in a human cell culture virus prevent it from multiplying: the goal, which is an effective one vaccine must achieve.

“Increased pace”

The company announced that from now on the tests will continue at an “accelerated pace”. Within the next few days, tests on 600 test subjects will start, and tests on several thousand people will be in July. Moderna believes that if the successful tests continue to run as planned, be ready for use vaccine Expect end of year, or beginning of next.

Trump: “Greatest Rush”

The highest hurry is called for – and so has the US President Donald Trump Operation Warp Speed ​​proclaimed. The project with the goal of getting one as quickly as possible vaccine found against Covid-19 refers to the fictional, ultra-strong “warp drive” in the series “Star Trek“.

Consider yourself just as fictional Trumps Top scientist the president’s deadline: by the end of the year, he wants hundreds of millions of cans for the Americans Vaccine provide.

In Europe you like the full-bodied promise Trumps do not believe – but the nervousness is great. The global race for one vaccine started long ago. States that can vaccinate their populations will leave the pandemic behind in one fell swoop. Vaccination is the return formula to normal.

With corresponding high pressure, research is being advanced all over the world. Work is currently in progress on more than 120 vaccine projects, and eight clinical trials are already underway.

“Public good”

There is no shortage of money for the researchers. Only that of the EU initiated, international Donors’ conference won 7.5 billion euros last week. An important goal: An “unprecedented, global cooperation”, as EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen he said vaccine against the corona virus is to become a “global public good”.

“Accessible to all”

“No matter where the vaccine is invented – it must be accessible to all people in the world, ”also calls Alexander Bernhuber, ÖVP health spokesman for the Eu Parliament: “Looking for the vaccine we must not think of it as countries or continents. ”But in Washington, Beijing and Moscow you see it differently: United States and Russia remained the Donors’ conference demonstratively distant, China sent an observer.

“The Rüpel tactic from Trump must not prevail in the fight against the global pandemic, ”says Andreas Schieder, SPÖ-EU Head of Delegation and demands: “The EU must throw their entire weight into the weighing pan so that the vaccine a common good remains and no country is given priority. “

It will take around eight billion vaccine doses for the world population to be vaccinated sufficiently. However, health experts assume that it should be enough to vaccinate just over four billion people. But you would need two doses each.

European vaccination plan

This will take up time again: from the first approval of a Vaccine – which is no longer expected this year – according to experts, it will take at least three quarters of a year for the world population to be vaccinated.

International rules for a fair distribution of Vaccines there is not any. So what to do if a vaccine found, tested and finally approved? “The EU commission is currently in the process of developing a vaccination plan and a distribution key for the doses, ”says a European official in Brussels the COURIER. “And knowing the sluggishness of the apparatus here, I am surprised at how quickly everything is happening now.” Vaccines be distributed and who is the first to be vaccinated: immediately the health workers, then the elderly, the people in risk regions, risk groups and then the rest of the population.


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