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brew party online together in your own backyard

Twents online beer festival attracts enthusiasts from all over the country (and Belgium) and goes for that real festival atmosphere in its own backyard.

He is on the campsite in the Twente Nijverdal and has poor coverage, Maarten Nijhof apologizes. Yet he knows how to convey his enthusiasm about the beer festival loud and clear this weekend. And it is quite infectious: half an hour with this brewer of Rigtersbier on the line and you will spontaneously thirst and feel like partying.


Good luck, because on May 31 it is not only Whit Monday, it is also the day of the Rigters Online beer festival 2020. The plan of the brewer and his brewing brothers was first to organize a pleasant festival around their brewery in Buurse, honor of their five-year anniversary. And then corona came to throw a spanner in the works, but Enschedeër Nijhof is not the type to throw the beer down. “We’re just going to do an online beer festival!” He immediately thought. On Whit Monday (May 31) we organize the 1st real online beer festival of…

Posted von Rigtersbier am Sonntag, 24. May 2020

Rondje Google learned that, apart from the US, they would organize the very first online beer festival in Europe. “But before we finished the website, other online festivals suddenly popped up.” Well, it can happen, he shrugs. Their festival setup is unlike any other. 22 participating brewers host their own Zoom bar online, where visitors can talk to each other and the brewer.

In addition to live music from two bands that play from their own backyard, there are also online workshops and master classes and there is even an escape room. “With this setup beer lovers can still create that really nice festival atmosphere in their own backyard.”

Festival 1.5

There are packages of 11, 22 and 44 cans / bottles of beer, depending on the number of people with whom you go to beer festivals and you get tasting glasses and a sausage from Twente. He does not expect anyone to “quickly tap eleven beer on their own on Sunday afternoon.” You can always share it with several people, “or else keep some in your fridge.” Ticket slash beer package sales go all over the country and packages are even sent to Belgium. Our eastern neighbors also like it, witness the requests, but damage for them. Too expensive to send an entire beer package to Germany.

Fancy a festival

The reactions on social media are positive. “People want to make it a real festival.” But then festival 1.5: with tents with screens in between, that’s how he should hear and see from all sides. And creativity is rewarded: “people can send in a photo of their festival setup, the best one wins a prize.”

The big advantage of an online festival is that you do not have to wait in line for the Dixi and you can just go to your own toilet. Very nice after all that beer, the Tukker grins.

Online Twents beer festival
The Rigters’ beer brothers with Maarten NIjhof (l) behind the first online beer festival in Twente

They continue to brew

Are you still brewing? he often hears. Yes, certainly, the brewer from Twente then replies, “We now work twice as hard for half the money, but we don’t care. Shoulders underneath and go is our motto. It will probably have something to do with the level-headedness of Twente. ”

Despite the crisis, the Rigtersbier team is not standing still. “We are going to think of all kinds of new things, we immediately thought.” And they did. Their webshop is flourishing like never before. “In four weeks’ time we already turned in 13,000 euro turnover on beer packages.” They thought earlier Drinking Apart Together, where they went wirelessly through their brewery with go pros. “This allowed us to taste together with our customers.” It turned out to be the pilot of their online festival.

Prices for brewer from Twente

The brewery won several awards, their I Like Big Hops (and I cannot lie) has become a real orderer and they also have an entire industry that builds machines for brewers worldwide. Not surprising for a small brewery from Twente. Oh well, says the humble brewer, who one day felt the beer fire burning in his heart when he BrewMasters on Discovery saw. He dived into his shed, experimented and never stopped. Maarten Nijhof even became Dutch Beer Brewing Champion and the shed became a real brewery in Buurse.

When asked what a truly “sweet and comforting Corona beer” is, he does not have to think for a second, “Our Lust!”, The phone blares loudly and clearly from the campsite in Nijverdal. “With elderflower, thyme and lemon zest, hell very tasty.”

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Beer festival 1.5 from Twente: brewing an online party together in your own backyard


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