Brie Larson kindly declined to ‘Captain Marvel’

The whole world knows Brie Larson as Carol Denvers aka Captain Marvel. She was the first female character to get a solo movie in the Marvel universe, and it was a huge success. But almost was Captain Marvel not been there, because the actress has refused the film several times.

Actress Brie Larson has been very active on YouTube for two months. The American decided during the corona crisis that it was time to keep her fans informed about her life. The choice for YouTube was an easy one: “I learned so much here, from how to use my printer to how to become a good activist.”

Audition Storytime!

In her videos she tells and does everything. That’s how she got it in her Audition Storytime!videos about auditions. Logical. Larson talks about the – a huge number – auditions that came to nothing. There are so many that the now world-famous actress has devoted two entire videos to them.

In the latest, that’s the logical name Audition Storytime! (Pt. 2) the actress talked about her early years at Marvel. Previously, fans were already told that she had auditioned for roles in Thor and Iron Man 2, but now it passed Captain Marvel.

“Too Scared”

She rejected that film (twice!). And the reason made sense: she was afraid to take on such a big role. “I remember getting a phone call when I left Kong was recording, ”Brie Larson begins her story. “And I remember it was saying Marvel wanted me as Captain Marvel.”

“I was like,” No, I can’t, I’m too scared, that’s too much for me, I can’t handle that! “And then I told my team to say no.” That happened, but a few months later Marvel called back to ask if she was very sure. And she was.

Female team

But Marvel was still able to convince her to sit down together. And they convinced her. By which? The promise that there would be a lot of women on the writing team and that the direction would also be in the hands of a woman.

By the way, they continue that trend at Marvel. Captain Marvel 2 is on the schedule, and for the time being it will be directed by Nia DaCosta. The Captain Marvelsequel is expected to appear in 2022.


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