Briefly at Stöckl: “Will not introduce vaccination requirements”

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) spoke against one on Sunday morning on ORF radio Vaccination required, also against Covid-19, in Austria out. “There are none and we will not introduce any,” he said Ö3.

“But I would also like to point out that many diseases are eradicated today because many people have had themselves vaccinated,” emphasized the Chancellor. He would therefore be vaccinated, “just to protect others.”

He enumerated that optimists would soon be expecting a vaccine, while other researchers would see at least another year until then, “but a medication can also be the solution, or faster tests,” said Kurz.

In any case, there is a “fight which countries will be supplied first”. Austria will participate in as many research projects as possible on vaccines and medicines.

No complaint for Finance Minister Blümel

At the Pentecost Sunday the “Holy Spirit descended to strengthen the apostles,” said moderator Claudia Stöckl. At this Pentecost Sunday was with her show “breakfast with me “in Federal Chancellery to guest.

Traditionally, private questions also had to be answered, but the chancellor still did not answer questions about marriage and the desire to have children. In return, he admitted that he sometimes involuntarily fell short of the famous baby elephant when jogging, but that was quickly corrected. With the Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen he didn’t talk about the curfew vortex.

The erroneous budget request that had caused a late decision on the new budget in the parliament last week and some fire by the opposition had been correctable “within a few minutes”. A “bankruptcy declaration” like Stöckl raised critical voices, he throws his finance minister Gernot Blümel therefore not before. In short: “Over a hundred people have read these hundreds of pages,” no one noticed. He understood that something like this “caused debates in Parliament and that the opposition used it.” But he had “other, bigger concerns”, said Kurz.

No tax increases, safe pensions

In this context, he called the economic crisis resulting from the corona pandemic. The Federal government work on ideas on how to deal with particularly affected industries after the end of short-time working. Briefly, the possibility of employment foundations, combined wages and the continuation of short-time work in a graded manner. In short: “It all costs money, but there is no alternative.”

But he can rule out tax increases, “that would be the wrong way,” said Kurz.

City tourism, artists, he sees night catering as a particular problem child, that it will “accompany a difficult time for longer”. But he could “guarantee that the pensions are safe.”

Slow help

Stöckl said that the help often arrives too slowly. She would have received numerous comments from entrepreneurs before the broadcast. One quoted her. The bureaucracy with the Corona helpers of the government be like, “as if you are calling to a drowning person: ‘I’ll pay you a swimming course if you have a one in gymnastics.'”

In his reply, Kurz pointed out that the compensation is dependent on income. “If the name was now filled in incorrectly, of course, or if an income was given that did exist but was never taxed, the result is different,” explained the ÖVP boss.

But he could offer to have every single case checked. “We question our actions every day,” said the Chancellor about himself and his team. However, he emphasized that 60 percent of the aid had already been paid out.

Vacation in Austria

He can understand that many Austrians are also drawn to the sea this summer. Briefly announced regarding open borders that it was “with all neighbors except Italy at least June 15th will be. “What Italy concerns, one must continue to observe the contagion numbers.

As Chancellor, however, he is “happy about everyone who is on holiday in Austria spends because it creates new jobs that were destroyed by the corona crisis. “

In any case, he would go in Austria vacation. In short: “If it’s up to me, on the mountain, if it’s up to my girlfriend, at the lake. I guess it will be the lake.”


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