Briefly criticizes Merkel’s development plan for the EU

The fund should “ambitious, temporary and targeted” within the multiannual EU financial framework the economic consequences of Corona crisis fight, it says in the paper. In particular, investments in the areas of ecological and digital change should be promoted.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) insists in the struggle for the corona reconstruction plan that of the EU repayable loans and none grants be awarded to crisis countries. Austria Position was unchanged, it said on Monday from the Federal Chancellery in Vienna.

“We will continue to show solidarity and the countries that are most affected by the Corona crisis support are affected, however, this must be done through loans and not through grants“it said from the Federal Chancellery on request of APA on the Franco-German proposal for one Reconstruction plan.

The summit of EU heads of state and government had the EU commission Commissioned at the end of April toReconstruction plan“. The aim is to Europe Economy quickly back out of the corona pandemic recession pick up. Initially, volumes of one to two trillion euros were under discussion.

In fact, the financing and payment arrangements are Reconstruction plan highly controversial. Austria and northern EU countries have so far refused to do so EU commission Debt is raised, which is then passed on to affected countries as non-repayable grants. Countries like France, Italy and Spain insisted on such transfer payments in order not to increase their already large indebtedness even further.


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