Bright Stuff: the best tablets to work on

In our Bright Stuff buying guide we name the three best products in all kinds of categories, such as our favorite smartwatch, headphones, e-bike or laptops. The currants from the porridge that we recommend to everyone. Products that we have tested or use ourselves because they are the best of their kind.

New this time is the category of tablets for business. We already had an overview of tablets, but the range is now too wide for only three choices. This is mainly due to the rise of more expensive tablets that profile themselves as laptop replacements, a completely different usage profile than the tablets for consumers in our current list.

Tablets for work:

» Apple iPad Air (2020): the iPad Air has taken a big step with the fourth generation and creeps much closer to the iPad Pro.

» Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: the most impressive and complete Android tablet available today.

» Microsoft Surface Pro 7: The seventh version of the Surface Pro looks familiar and it is, with a recipe that has proven itself.

Tablets for private use:

» Apple iPad (2020): The best iPad for most people with a larger screen, Pencil support, and more.

» Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite: the best Android counterpart to the iPad: affordable, fast and a nice screen with thin edges.

» Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus: a great tablet for surfing the internet and watching videos and it can also serve as a Google Assistant screen.

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