Bringing a protective mask in the car is compulsory

Bringing a protective mask in the car is compulsory

No mask in the car? That could soon be punished, because the Ministry of Transport wants to introduce compulsory transport. When does the new rule apply and what fines are imminent.

A.Even after the corona pandemic, the protective mask in the car will remain important, because that Federal Ministry of Transport confirmed to the DPA the introduction of a You must bring two protective masks with you in the car. Similar to the way first-aid kits, safety vests or warning triangles have to be carried in the car, mouth and nose protection masks will then also be compulsory equipment. According to the Ministry of Transport, the Protective masks become a mandatory part of the first-aid kit close. From when the new rule will apply is currently not yet clear. However, the aim is to achieve rapid implementation within the framework of the next change in the road traffic licensing regulations.

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No protective mask with you: is there a threat of a fine soon?

If corona protective masks are compulsory in the car in the future, it will presumably – as is the case with other missing parts of the compulsory equipment – result in a fine if the protective masks cannot be presented during an inspection. How high the penalty will be cannot yet be foreseen. The fine for an incomplete first-aid kit is currently five euros; if it is missing completely, ten euros are due.

First aid kit in the car: this must be observed

Since 2014, first-aid kits and bags in cars have had to comply with DI standard 13164. There it is regulated which requirements the first-aid kit must meet and which components must be included. If they are not or if components have expired, you have to expect that it will is recorded as a minor defect in the next HU. A fine is due in a police check. This could be the introduction of mandatory protective masks Federal Ministry of Transport adapt this standard and add two protective masks. But don’t worry: you don’t necessarily have to get a completely new set. It is sufficient to fill in the missing content. The same applies to components that have expired or are used: they can simply be bought at the pharmacy. By the way: It is best to store the first-aid kit in a place where it can be reached quickly (e.g. glove box). Although the trunk is popular as a storage location for the first-aid kit, it can often no longer be opened in the event of a rear-end collision. Read here what other compulsory equipment in the car apart from the first-aid kit is required!

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