British market watchdog investigates possible abuse of power Apple

The research is partly a response to the complaints that various app makers submitted to CMA. However, the decision also stems from “CMA’s own work in the digital sector,” the agency writes.

CMA will investigate whether Apple is too dominant in the app market, and whether the company is violating competition rules.

“Millions of people use apps every day to read the weather forecast, play a game or order food. Complaints that Apple is abusing its market position to impose unfair demands on companies or restrict free choice therefore require attention,” CMA writes. head Andrea Coscelli.

Tech companies are complaining about Apple

Fortnite maker Epic Games has filed complaints against Apple, including the European Commission, with multiple authorities since last summer. According to Epic, Apple is abusing its position of power to impose excessive commissions on app makers and to keep competitors out of the app store market.

Spotify and other tech companies have joined the game maker in recent months.

Studies are being conducted on Apple in several countries. The Dutch market watchdog Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) announced last month that it will soon come to a decision.


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