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British minister asks Netflix to warn about fiction in The Crown

The new season of the Netflix series The Crown has been causing quite a stir in Great Britain for weeks. Earlier it turned out that friends of Prince Charles were not exactly happy with the new season and now the British Minister of Culture, Oliver Dowden, has also made himself heard.

Diana Spencer can also be seen in the series from this season and has already caused quite a stir. “This is drama and entertainment for commercial purposes, disregarding the actual people involved who are being exploited in this,” one of the friends told Mail Online. “In this case it is about things that happened 25 or 30 years ago in a very difficult time.” Prince William, the son of Charles and Diana, would also not be happy with how his parents are portrayed in the series.


And now the British minister has also made himself heard. Dowden told British media he thinks Netflix should warn the story of The Crown is fictitious. He said that he will request the streaming service to add a report to the series about the royal family in a letter.

Taking facts for fiction

According to the minister, the show is “a beautifully produced work of fiction”, but, as with other TV series, Netflix must clearly indicate in a warning message that it is fiction. “Without it, I fear that a generation of viewers who have not witnessed these events will mistake fiction for fact,” he said.

Despite all the criticism, the series is still popular. Last week, 29 million people watched the series.

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British minister asks Netflix to warn about fiction in The Crown


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