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British Parliament approves immigration law after Brexit

The legal text will abolish specific rights to immigrate from residents of the European Economic Area (the EU plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland from 2021. The criteria that will apply are not included in the text, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously proposed a points system that gives priority to highly skilled workers.

Immigration of residents from the poorest countries in the EU was a major point of contention during the campaign leading up to the Brexit referendum in 2016. The “Leave” Camp wanted to regain control of the UK over its own borders.

Interior Minister Priti Patel promised on Monday a “stricter, fairer and simpler system that will play a vital role in the fight against the corona virus. the National Health Service when we need it more than ever. “

In order to immigrate, someone must earn at least £ 25,600 per year ($ 28,600) per year. That is less than the national median wage, but more than what many people earn in healthcare and the social sector. Just over 13 percent of NHS employees are foreigners, 5.5 percent are from the EU.

Patel emphasized that the government has launched an accelerated visa procedure for doctors, nurses and other health professionals. Also, all visas of that group of employees that expire between now and October are automatically renewed for one year.

The majority voted in favor of the law, the opposition.


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