British Prime Minister Boris Johnson: “Tighter measures possible in the coming weeks”

The vaccine is being rolled out in the UK but the number of new cases continues to rise in a disastrous way. There is therefore a very good chance that the United Kingdom will soon receive stricter measures.

The United Kingdom is currently tackling the coronavirus with a kind of coronabarometer with four levels. A large part of the country is currently at the third or fourth danger level for the corona virus and must therefore stay indoors as much as possible.

More infectious variant

But the country is currently struggling with a more contagious variant of Covid-19. It is about 30 percent more contagious than the variant that originally circulated in Europe. This is also reflected in the figures: despite the fourth level, which is in force almost everywhere, they remain terrible.

There are also questions about possible entanglements. During an interview with Andrew Marr on Sunday, Johnson answered those questions. He now also realizes that they may be at the door.

Johnson encourages parents to send children back to school starting tomorrow, where allowed. “The risk for children is very small,” said the British Prime Minister. Although he cannot guarantee that the schools will all remain open.

Level 5?

“We have to continuously evaluate things. We will not do that for political reasons, but for health reasons ”, in which he also emphasized that closing the schools, especially for children in poor families, is a cross the bill.

Marr also asked if a fifth level would be created. According to Johnson, the corona crisis will have turned by spring. “But we may have to tighten up in some parts of the country in the coming weeks. I have accepted that. ”

Johnson does not want to say exactly what that looks like. He also underlined that a term like “level 5” does not come from him.


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