‘British want to restrict imports of European mineral water’ | Financial

This is reported by the British newspaper The Telegraph, which speaks of a ‘mineral water war’. According to the newspaper, other foods could also be used as a pressure medium, such as seed potatoes.

The European Union has strict rules for the import of fish and shellfish from ‘third countries’. The United Kingdom has been such a country since Brexit and the end of the transition period at the end of last year. To be allowed to import shellfish, they must be cleaned by means of a special process. The British fishery says there are too few tanks to clean all the crustaceans and that the process also takes time, which means that imports are less profitable.

Emergency support

The UK government is also making emergency aid available to more companies in the fishing industry. As a result, companies that catch or farm fish or shellfish such as oysters and mussels are also eligible for the extra aid. This is necessary because companies are suffering from the export problems since Brexit, but also because there is less demand during the corona crisis.

“Our fishermen are at the heart of many of our coastal communities,” said Environment Minister George Eustice. “We recognize the impact that the coronavirus and the end of the transition period have had on them.”


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