Britney Spears fans are worried again after strange Instagram posts

There has been a lot of buzz around Britney Spears lately. The singer has now been under the custody of her father and judges for over 10 years, leaving her out of control over her own life. But fans are also concerned about her mental health as the singer is once again posting strange photos and videos to Instagram.

Fans are again worried about 38-year-old singer Britney Spears. In recent days, she has once again been posting strange photos and videos on Instagram, giving fans the impression that she is being monitored and drugged.


In her latest posts on Instagram, Britney has posted several videos in bikini. In the first she says: “This is exactly the same bikini that I wore to the beach three days ago. But I thought, hey, why don’t I wear it again? And while I’m at it, I want to let you know the five things you need for a day at the beach: a towel, oil, sunscreen, a dog, and a hat. And now I’m going to my jacuzzi. ” After which she walks away from the picture.

Several fans have already commented under the video that they are concerned about Britney’s condition. “I think she’s on too much medication, so she doesn’t realize what people are asking her to do,” said one fan. “Something is not right … It seems like someone is writing her lyrics because she sounds so unnatural and very … childish.” Other fans question the large bracelet that Britney is wearing and fear that she is hiding something with it.

Britney later shared another video of her trying out different bikinis.

Reused photos

Another post that worries Britney fans is a series of selfies. It is the same photo with different filters. In the photo she is laughing happily, but the strange thing is that the singer had already posted the exact same photo twice, with the caption being exactly the same.

This also worries fans of the singer, as she is clearly reposting an older photo instead of taking new ones.

The last post Britney shared was one in which she – again in a bikini – was dancing in her living room. In her caption she stated that she had tied her hair without a rubber band. But it was mainly the singer’s strange dance moves and expression that worried fans. For example, many think that Britney is under the influence of heavy medication or drugs and is forced to make these kinds of videos.


Fans have been worried about Britney for several months now because they fear her entire life will be controlled by her curators. After Britney had a breakdown in 2007, she was put under the supervision of curators. They were her father and a judge.

The case was recently reconsidered, but that still did not ensure freedom for Britney. As a result, the hashtag #FreeBritney still remains relevant. Especially now that the singer is sharing strange photos and videos via Instagram.


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