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Briton buys a house with a cash investment from free whiskey bottles

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Have you ever been invited to a children’s birthday party and racked your brains about what to give? Next time, why not try it with a bottle of whiskey? Sounds completely absurd, but has now made a fortune for a 28-year-old Briton.

From birth, Matthew Robson received a bottle of Macallan Single White whiskey from the 1974 year from his father every year. This tradition has continued since 1992, and so the £ 5,000 whiskey of the same vintage and brand remained the father’s birthday present.

Today the bottles collected are worth 40,000 pounds (approx. 44,500 euros). They turned out to be the ideal investment with which the recipient would like to buy their own house.

Whiskey as savings

His Scottish father Pete had actually planned to solemnly “wet his head” as a baby with the alcoholic drink, Robson reveals to the British broadcaster BBC. However, it didn’t come to that and Robson was given the “strict instruction” never to open the whiskey. Alcohol – as it was hardly a child-friendly gift – became a kind of savings.

Above all, the selection of the whiskey was a stroke of luck. Because the Macallan has developed into a real collector’s item and is therefore particularly valuable among whiskey lovers. Robson has even received international purchase requests from fans in Asia and the United States.

Of course, there is also the chance that the birthday child will not be able to sell your free alcohol as successfully as Robson in around 30 years. Then, as soon as it is of legal age, it can still drink it.



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