Britt Dekker fears that motherhood can lead to a dip

Britt is all too aware that having children is a privilege. “You should be allowed to get them, of course, but first you have to decide whether you want it at all,” she says. The presenter is therefore quite in doubt. “On the one hand, it is the most beautiful thing you can imagine and it is a kind of ideal image,” she explains. “But I also think it could lead to a dip.”

Britt also finds it difficult to ask how it is. “I’m afraid people who already have children aren’t fair.” She thinks they may make it look more beautiful than it is. The fact that you don’t know in advance what it feels like to be a mother sows the doubt. “Because you haven’t been able to feel it yet.”

Her conversation partner, Simon Keizer, has a tip for the young presenter. “Very honest. Enjoy the free life for a while. You are 28 and your ovaries are not flapping yet.”

Britt has been with Max for a long time, but there is no question of a marriage. In the video below, Britt explains how she feels about marriage.


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