Britta Seeger: How the Daimler board member is driving the e-car offensive


Britta Seeger has been on the Daimler Board of Management since 2017 and is responsible for global sales and marketing – she is only the third woman on the Board of Management in the company’s history. After the truck and bus division was split up as an independent company on the stock exchange, she is now the woman of the hour, as reported by “Wirtschaftswoche”.

As a result of the spin-off, Daimler is parting with 45 billion euros in sales and around 100,000 employees. The car manufacturer wants to become more flexible and, after the sleepy turnaround in mobility, now catch up in the fields of electromobility, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. A new sales strategy is therefore required: Seeger has to serve the right channels and products in such a way that they meet the demands of the various target groups.

In addition to Daimler’s passenger car, Seeger also has to market the new electric models. Through a digital change, it should move sales to the Internet and introduce car subscriptions. Seeger should not only redefine the sales strategy, but also the brand. In addition, she wants to live up to her own claim: to inspire customers just as she is.

Born in Stuttgart, she started at the car manufacturer immediately after graduating from high school and quickly worked her way up to senior manager in customer loyalty and product management after completing her dual business studies. From 2013 to 2015 she headed the company’s management in Korea and then moved to Turkey. The mother of triplets was always accompanied by her family on her stays abroad. Upon her return, she immediately took a seat on the board.

In many ways the 51-year-old does not correspond to the “classic strict businessman” and can also be found in a casual leather jacket at public events. She is experienced, stands upright and underpins marketing slogans with technical details. Seeger wants a lot and she wants it fast. In doing so, they often do not pay attention to technical feasibility, according to their critics. Rather, she sees it as a mutual challenge to keep up.

She is enthusiastic about the “all-electric driver’s life in the city center” and is pursuing the ambitious goal of creating a “fully electrified product portfolio” at Daimler by 2022. However, the electric fleet is still manageable: the electric EQC was the first car in the EQ series in 2018. This year, Daimler presented the SUV EQA in January and the luxury version EQS is to be launched in April. In order to ensure the success of the electrical series, Seeger now has to convince customers of its advantages.

Employees describe the sales manager as a focused, determined and competent woman. Within three years, which were characterized by discussions about exhaust emissions, delivery problems and an uncertain economy, she succeeded in increasing sales of Mercedes passenger cars by 8.5 percent. Thanks to Seeger, Daimler also coped well with the year of the Corona crisis and made more profits than expected.



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