Broadcasting fee: This is what happens when you don’t pay

What happens if you don’t pay the license fee on time? A practical example.

Since May 15, 2022, the contribution service no longer sends out quarterly reminders to pay the license fee. Instead, there is only one letter per year reminding you of the four payment dates. The contributors then have to make sure that they transfer the 55.08 euros due per quarter in good time. You can read all the details about this in the article broadcasting contribution: From now on it can be more expensive – you should note that. But what happens if you forget the payment date?

threat of a late payment penalty

In its announcement in spring 2022, the contribution service wrote that a late payment surcharge would be due if the payment dates were not met. From a “payment reminder” available to us, however, it is clear that no late payment surcharge is due for the first payment reminder.

This is what the payment reminder looks like

The payment reminder states the contribution number, the period for which the contribution is due (in the letter available to us, this is 07/01/2022 to 09/30/2022), the deadline by which the payment should be received (08/15/2022) and the Amount of the contribution (55.08 euros). This is followed by the unmistakable message: “Pay the outstanding amount of EUR 55.08 immediately”.

This is what the payment reminder looks like.

Below this is a clear indication that in the event of non-payment, a formal notice of assessment will be sent to the contributor together with a surcharge for late payment (this surcharge for late payment is at least 8 euros). This assessment notice can be enforced in the course of a foreclosure, says the letter in all clarity. Below this is the note that you can pay the broadcasting fee by direct debit. Below this is a transfer form.

So one thing is certain: at least the first reminder costs nothing.

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