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To have something Alpine A110 and the Brompton folding bike in common? Both are light, small, fast, but unfortunately also expensive. The French Sports car costs almost 70,000 euros. The English folding bike costs around 2500 euros. It is a whopping 800 euros more expensive than the basic Brompton.

Brompton Superlight folding bike

Super light
  • Lighter weight
  • Good quality
  • Great folding mechanism

price € 2,500.00

The Brompton folding bike in the Superlight version – is it worth it?

Because the tested copy is the Superlight version. Fork, rear end and fender struts consist of titanium instead of steel. Equipped like this, it weighs 11.26 instead of 12.15 kilos. So that’s 90 cents extra per gram saved – number fetishists love that. But you can feel it Lightweight construction also in everyday life? Yes and no!

Folding bike product test

Thumbs up: If you ignore the high price, the Brompton Superlight can convince across the board

The standard version is sufficient for most!

Only those who constantly drag the Brompton up the train station stairs or pull it out of the trunk several times a day will appreciate the diet. The standard version is sufficient for all others. It scores with the same agile driving characteristics and the ingenious folding mechanism of the Super light. Thanks to the six-speed gearshift and the 16-inch wheels, the Brompton folding bike is lively and agile. When folded, it can be easily stored under the office table, taken to the restaurant or fits in almost any trunk. Unless it’s the Alpine A110. Unfortunately, a few centimeters are missing here so that the front cover closes. Too bad it would be a perfect duo.

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