Brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse hint at a new project together

Although we pick up ‘normal life’ as much as possible in the Netherlands, only at a distance of 1.5 meters, the situation in New York looks very different. The actor tells us that he and his girlfriend Barbara Palvin barely leave the house. Besides reading, gaming and watching television, there is not too much to do. “I admit, I should exercise a little more often (..) and I have become very good at washing the dishes,” he smiles on the phone. “But I try to live in the moment and use my time well.”

According to Dylan, New York is almost like a ghost town and it will remain that way for a while. “I have to confess: I don’t know if I would go out again when the shops open again. I think I would keep a low profile until it is really safe.” Until then, he enjoys making yogurt and brewing wine, which he sells in his own brewery.

In addition to his own company, Dylan is also busy acting. Earlier we saw him pass in the sexy trailer of After We Collided and next month is the digital release of his movie Banana split. “When I read the script I was positively surprised,” he tells RTL Boulevard. “I have always been a big fan of these genres because it has a nostalgic place in my heart. And when I read the script I immediately thought: what a new look at an old genre. It looked fresh and set the life of high school students realistically down. ” But it is not a typical love story, he wants to emphasize that again. “It’s all about what you want to achieve and learn before you start studying.”

What makes the film so authentic is the fact that writer and lead actress Hannah Marks has actually experienced it all. And she turns out not to be the only one. “When the film came out, we received a lot of messages from people who had experienced a similar situation. So it seems to be much more common than you might think,” Dylan opens a book.

Although Dylan has built up a nice career in the meantime, many people still see him as Zack from the Disney Channel series The Suite Life by Zack & Cody. Something he fully understands. “People will always see you the way they want to see you. No matter how long ago it is, people will always refer to something important to them,” he says wisely. As an example, he mentions Johnny Depp, who, despite his many film roles, is still known to many people for the film Edward Scissorhands. “I don’t mind as long as it’s not negative. When people do that, it’s a different story.”

His farmer has the same ‘problem’. Cole currently stars in the hit series Riverdale, but he is also regularly recognized as the Disney star he once was. You would think, since both brothers are still working in Hollywood, that there is a battle between them. But that is not the case, according to Dylan. “I think we both want something different from the acting industry. I mainly do movies and my brother series. I am not too fond of that in general,” he says. However, he does not exclude that the two will be seen together again in the future. Dylan is already writing a script that would be perfect for this. “There is definitely a chance, but it must be the right time (…) but the fact is that there are not many good roles for twins. But we are open to the idea.”

banana split tells the story of the headstrong April (Hannah Marks), who tries to get her life back on track after breaking up with her boyfriend Nick (Dylan Sprouse). She is about to start at university and wants to enjoy her life carefree. When she bumps into her ex’s new girlfriend during a party, it seems to go completely wrong. But instead of hitting each other, they become best friends. There is only one problem: they have to keep their friendship a secret from Nick.

banana split will be available from June 8 via digital download on Apple TV, Google Play, Pathe, TEG, Ziggo and Rakuten.


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