Browser: Edge is now number 2 worldwide

Once despised by many Windows users, Microsoft’s Edge has now fought its way to number 2 of the most popular browsers.

For a long time, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was considered the quasi-standard for browsers, after all the software was pre-installed in every Windows system. However, when alternatives such as Chrome, Safari or Opera appeared, the popularity of IE gradually fell. Microsoft’s Edge, which is ultimately based on Chromium, was also unable to convince users; it was considered unpopular for a long time.

Edge before Safari

However, Microsoft’s browser is now the second most popular browser worldwide on desktop PCs. Even Apple’s Safari was able to leave Edge behind. This is the conclusion reached by the statistics company Statcounter, which examines the use of browsers worldwide every month. Accordingly, Edge was able to secure second place for the first time in March 2022. The increasing popularity started in April 2021 and continues to this day.

Chrome on top

According to the data, Edge is used by 9.65 percent of desktop users. Safari is just behind with 9.57 points. The browser hit list is led by Google’s Chrome browser, which comes in at 67.26 percent. Browsers like Opera or the old Internet Explorer lag far behind with 2.83 or 0.92 points. What is important about this data, however, is that there are large regional differences. In Germany, the Firefox browser is significantly better placed with a distribution of 22.23 percent. But even in Germany, Google’s Chrome is the undisputed leader with 43.98 percent.

Edge as default

The move from Windows 10 to Windows 11 could lead to an increase in popularity of Microsoft’s Edge. Although it is now possible to set another browser as the default without any problems, many users apparently do without it.

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