Browser spins? Intel CPU could be to blame – the solution

Intel confirms that current CPUs can lead to browser problems. These browsers are affected and the solution.

Owners of a current 12th generation Intel Core CPU (Alder Lake) may encounter problems when using Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Opera or Vivaldi. Intel has now confirmed this in a corresponding support article on its website. So if you were wondering why the browser sometimes slows down or freezes on your system with an Alder Lake CPU, you will find an explanation for this.

Specifically, Intel explains:

“Current Intel UHD Graphics 770 drivers for 12th Gen Intel Core processors cause Edge and Chrome browsers to be severely slowed down. Browsers behave as if they are half frozen. Click response time is 2 seconds , scrolling is severely laggy and choppy.”

Intel adds:

“The issue can be reproduced by opening many tabs at once or by scrolling and clicking, as well as by using an HDD hard drive.”

These processors have browser issues

All 12th generation core CPUs with an integrated UHD Graphics 770 graphics chip are affected by the problems when using browsers. These 18 desktop and laptop CPU models have been available since late 2021 and early 2022 and belong to the i5, i7 and i9 ranges. Among them are the popular and powerful CPUs of the i7-12700 and i9-12900 series.

The solution to the browser problems

To fix the problem, Intel recommends the usual steps: update your browser, update Windows, update your graphics driver with a clean install.

You can also try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser. Installing a discrete graphics card (i.e. an additional graphics card built into the PC) into the system would also bypass the Intel integrated graphics card and solve this problem.

In Edge, for example, you disable hardware acceleration in the settings under “System” with the switch “Use hardware acceleration (if available)”. In Chrome, the switch is also under “System” in Settings and is labeled “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

A general solution from Intel in the form of a bug fix is ​​probably in the works, but it could still be a while before such an update is available.

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