Bruno Le Maire wants to “relocate production”

Asked this Monday May 25 on BFMTV / RMC, the Minister of Economy confirmed that he wanted to relocate the production of electric cars and batteries in France and support the deployment of charging stations. Hybrid cars could also include the conversion bonus.

The entire automotive sector is now hanging from the lips of the government. Announced this Tuesday, May 26 by President Emmanuel Macron, the recovery plan continues to leak. Asked about BFMTV / RMC, Bruno Le Maire confirmed several points and provided additional information, particularly on the production strategy.

The Renault ZOE still made in France?

While the Chained Duck mentioned in an article published on May 18 last the stop of the production of the ZOE in Flins, the Minister of the Economy insisted on the importance of the national automobile industry.

“There is no question of making a plan without PSA and Renault making commitments to locate their new vehicles in France”, supports the Minister at the microphone, “In particular hybrid, electric vehicles and perhaps tomorrow hydrogen vehicles”.

Admitting not to prohibit the removal of Renault sites in France, he thinks “That Flins should not close, […] there is no reason, as a shareholder of Renault “. He specifies that Renault can make choices “Which will allow the repatriation of the production of electric vehicles”. Are we talking about the new Twingo Z.E., now assembled in Slovenia?

Classic hybrids to back up stocks?

Yesterday, we relayed the desire to increase the bonus for electric cars. Still not formalized, it could climb to € 8,000 for individuals, and to € 6,000 for companies.

If the plug-in hybrid would again be affected with a bonus of up to € 2,000, the classic hybrid could also join the stimulus plan. The Minister of Economy and Finance implies this. It ensures that the conversion premium is “An effective instrument” to dispose of stocks and renew the park “With less CO2”. It will therefore certainly open up to hybrid cars, more numerous than electrics in this stock.

In order to locate clean cars, including “Hybrids”, Bruno Le Maire evokes in half-word support for the Toyota Yaris hybrid, manufactured in Valenciennes. It could also push the return of the Renault Clio E-Tech to France, now assembled in the Turkish factory in Bursa.

Any news on the terminals and batteries?

“If I want to make 300-400 charging stations, will I find enough to recharge? “ wondered the minister.“There will be answers there too” he assures. The recovery plan could thus mix with the words of the Secretary of State for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, who announced a few days ago “100,000 terminals in 2021”.

Bruno Le Maire also wants to push the relocation of battery production in our country. “There is a commitment that Renault must make, it is to be a shareholder in the Alliance for electric batteries”, he added. “In it, you have Peugeot, Total and Saft, but there is no Renault” he completes. For the Minister, this would allow us to “Stop equipping yourself with batteries produced in China or South Korea when the battery will represent 30 to 40% of the value of the vehicle”.


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