Brussels Airlines will cancel 900 flights in February and March

Compared to 2019, the planned offer was already very limited, but that is now being reduced even further. In concrete terms, Brussels Airlines will operate 7 percent of the number of flights compared to February 2019, and 12 percent in March, says spokeswoman Kim Daenen.

A total of 900 flights will be canceled. Among other things, a number of tourist destinations are disappearing completely from the offer. “The number of passengers who currently have reservations on these flights does not allow an economic or ecological justification for these flights to continue,” said the spokeswoman.

Some destinations will be completely canceled, such as Rome, Vienna, Barcelona and Goteborg. There will be less flights at other destinations.

During the spring break, it concerns just over 150 flights that were planned, but will not take place. That has an impact on about 4,000 customers. Passengers whose flight is canceled will be notified. They can rebook their flight or request a refund. The supply to and from Africa will be maintained. That is almost 40 percent compared to 2019.


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