Brussels proposal for billions in recovery Fed opens Beige Book | And these bars will remain closed on June 1

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All eyes are on Brussels today. The European Commission launches its proposal for the multiannual budget and the recovery fund. The latter in particular is a hot topic. France and Germany previously presented a fund of 500 billion. That went too far for the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Denmark, so ‘the miserly four’ came up with a counter proposal.

Most pub owners are eagerly awaiting June 1. However, not all cafes and restaurants open their doors. Opening is simply more expensive than staying closed, several catering entrepreneurs tell RTL Z. “When I break the beer tank, I never sell that quantity with six guests before it gets bad. Then I can throw the rest away.”

Do gyms and saunas have to keep their doors closed until September 1? This afternoon, the cabinet crisis team is discussing reopening. According to the fitness industry, people can already exercise safely indoors with the right measures. The sector also emphasizes the preventive nature of sports in health care.

The Federal Reserve opens its Beige Book again. Named after the color of the cover, the US central bank system provides a detailed overview of the state of the US economy eight times a year. And it is in a terrible state: since the outbreak of the corona crisis, nearly 40 million Americans have applied for benefits.

Shareholders of NXP are meeting digitally today in Eindhoven for the annual meeting. At the top of the agenda is the appointment of Kurt Sievers as CEO. If the owners agree, the German can immediately start working. The chip maker is hit hard by the malaise in the car sector as a result of the corona crisis.

This piece was most shared yesterday:
KLM must pay an dismissed VIP attendant an additional compensation of 75,000 euros. The airline forced the woman out after complaining about the growing number of “pornstars, rappers, stoned child stars and drunken celebrities” she had to accompany.

We think you should also read this:
NAM owners Shell and ExxonMobil are demanding more money from the Dutch state to accelerate the extraction of gas in Groningen. Because the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate refuses, an arbitration case is started.

And you may have missed this last night:
The top of the tax authorities promised three key players in the allowance affair last year that no disciplinary measures would be taken against them. They made this a condition for participating in an investigation into the matter.

This may come along to the digital coffee machine:

  • Has your bicycle been stolen, recently or long ago? There is still hope. A woman from Zaltbommel got her stolen bicycle back after nine years.
  • A Eurowings plane wanted to land in Sardinia, but the airport on the Italian island was still closed. The plane then returned to Düsseldorf.
  • Are you short on cash and looking for a new phone? Bright listed three new smartphones of only 99 euros.
  • Corona does not harm the VVD of Mark Rutte. In the poll of Ipsos / EenVandaag, the liberals climb to 44 seats. The GroenLinks under Jesse Klaver follows in second place with 15 seats.
  • Tesla boss Elon Musk and his girlfriend Grimes changed the name of their son X Æ A-12 to X Æ A-Xii to comply with California law.

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p.s. Expats sometimes hate it: Dutch people tend to plan everything. From dinners to coffee appointments, everything has to be arranged far in advance. But it is precisely this agenda culture that can help us during corona times, writes Rabo chief economist Menno Middeldorp.

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