Brussels wants to offer a safety net with € 5 million departing KLM employees | Financial

The money is intended to retrain a maximum of 1,200 departing KLM employees or to help them start their own business, the committee reports. 500 former employees of the Finnish aviation group Finnair can also receive financial support. The executive committee of the EU wants to release € 1.8 million for this.

This concerns support from the so-called European Globalization Fund (EGF), KLM reports in an explanation. “More than 5,000 men have left our home. Some of the activities agreed in the social plan to guide this group to new work are eligible for this subsidy, ”says a spokesperson. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has applied for the subsidy for the airline. It concerns costs for outplacement and training.

Forced firings

A total of around 6,000 jobs will be cut at KLM. This is partly done through a voluntary departure arrangement, attrition and through secondment to Transavia and the KLM Cityhopper, among others. “Ultimately, forced redundancies cannot be completely prevented. The people who become redundant can qualify for the subsidy, ”said the spokeswoman. The scheme does not distinguish between forced or voluntary departure.

These are individual trajectories, looking at jobs outside the aviation sector. In it, employees can discover where their interest lies and what it takes to enter a new job. Retraining is also partly reimbursed by this fund.

In a statement, EU Commissioner Nicolas Schmit of Employment and Social Rights said that the financial support from the EGF is a show of solidarity. This fund has been in existence since 2007, and during those years has spent millions on retraining employees in the Portuguese clothing sector, the Greek media and Belgian machine construction.

The EU countries and the European Parliament still have to agree to the plan.


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