Brute G-Class: G65 with V12 for sale

Brute G-Class with V12 for sale

This G 65 AMG has extras worth the value of a BMW 3 Series. The paint alone cost just under 8,000 euros! Now the V12-G is sold – with a loss of 113,000 euros!

Dhe Mercedes G 65 AMG is the rolling embodiment of the motto “A lot helps a lot”. 630 horsepower and an incredible 1000 Nm of torque from twelve cylinders equalize the 2.5 tonne curb weight. An excess of luxury sweeps away any thought of the 40-year-old basic construction. Production ended in 2018, and one of the last examples built is now for sale. The previous owner did not allow himself to be ragged: At the then basic price of a good 275,000 euros, more than 35,000 euros were added to the extras! Despite the massive loss in value, the dinosaur with a star is anything but a bargain.

At the G 65 the engine always comes first. The Biturbo V12 presses 630 HP and crazy 1000 Nm from a displacement of six liters. Krass: The torque is even limited to avoid damage to the seven-speed automatic transmission. Loud Mercedes would have been possible over 1100 Nm. Even so, the all-wheel drive pushes from 0 to 100 km / h in a remarkable 5.3 seconds, at 230 km / h it is braked electronically. The consumption is, of course, beyond good and bad, under 20 liters per 100 kilometers Benz almost do not move. This tends to be irrelevant to owners, because the costs are at G 65 generally high. This is especially true for the new price, and here this copy makes an exclamation mark. In sum, there are extras in this SUV for a good 35,000 euros! For that there is at BMW already a new one 3. (BMW M340d at with savings of up to 10,748 euros).

The paint alone cost almost 8,000 euros

Brute G-Class with V12 for sale

Inside, the Exclusive Edition includes a. Air-conditioned multi-contour seats in nappa leather with embossing.

The lion’s share of this is made up of two extras. First, the paint called “AMG Monza Grau Magno “, which costs € 7773.50. Second, the previous owner decided on the Exclusive Edition, which costs € 11,935.70. This includes polished 21-inch rims, an underride guard and spare wheel cover in the vehicle color. Inside, it delivers air-conditioned multi-contour seats in the front, nappa leather with embossing in carbon structure, microfiber headlining and much more. Additional extras for this G 65 are carbon trim strips outside and inside, auxiliary heating, rear entertainment, TV function, distance cruise control, self-steering parking aid, and much more.

Last G-Class with V12

Brute G-Class with V12 for sale

Extremely expensive, enormously powerful, enormously strong: Driving a Mercedes G 65 AMG is a statement.

The one offered G 65 was approved for the first time in January 2018 and has run 43,358 kilometers during this time. According to the advertisement, the Benz from first hand and is kept in checkbook. Because it simply has to be said again:Benz about 310,000 euros. With TÜV and guarantee, it is now available for 197,540 euros from the dealer. Even after a loss in value equivalent to one S class is the G 65 so the opposite of a cheap used. After all, you can take comfort in driving an exclusive luxury off-road vehicle that will no longer exist. The successor comes to an end with eight cylinders. There are other used Mercedes G 65 AMG with guarantee!


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