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The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) warns against Kaspersky virus protection software. You should replace anti-virus software from Kaspersky company with alternative products.

The wait is over: The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has completed its deliberations on Kaspersky security software and is now officially warning of Kaspersky virus protection products! The BSI announced this on Tuesday.

Virus protection software must be deeply integrated into the operating system of the computer to be protected and have extensive system authorizations, as the BSI explains. In addition, the antivirus software must “maintain a permanent, encrypted and non-verifiable connection to the manufacturer’s servers.” Antivirus software is an exposed target of offensive operations in cyberspace to spy on potential adversaries, compromise the integrity of their systems, or even completely restrict the availability of the data stored on them.”

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As a result of the Russian attack on Ukraine, what has been said above is now of particular importance, as the BSI explains: “The actions of military and/or intelligence forces in Russia and the threats recently made by the Russian side in the course of the current military conflict against the EU, the NATO and the Federal Republic of Germany are associated with a considerable risk of a successful IT attack with far-reaching consequences”.

The BSI continues: “A Russian IT manufacturer can carry out offensive operations itself, be forced to attack target systems against its own will, or be spied on without its knowledge as a victim of a cyber operation, or be misused as a tool for attacks against its own customers .”

This can lead to: “By manipulating the software or accessing data stored by Kaspersky, reconnaissance or sabotage actions against Germany, individuals or certain companies or organizations can be carried out or at least supported.” And: “All users of the virus protection software may be affected by damaging surgery depending on their strategic importance. It is to be expected that state institutions, critical infrastructures, companies in the special public interest, the manufacturing industry and important areas of society may be affected. Private users without important roles in government, business and society may be the least targeted, but in a successful attack case they can also become victims of collateral effects.”

The BSI therefore expressly advises:

“Kaspersky’s antivirus software should be replaced with alternative products.”

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You can download the BSI warning about Kaspersky products here as a PDF.

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