BTS is moving on ‘MTV Unplugged’ with a subdued cover of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’

Korean boy band BTS was invited by MTV for a this week MTV Unplugged-session. The seven released some songs from their most recent album ‘BE’, but also surprised with a cover of Fix You from Coldplay.

The MTV Unpluggedstudio had previously been the scene for groups like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, but now seven South Korean men were allowed to give their best in the legendary program. We are of course talking about the popular boy band BTS. They brought a mix of songs, including the wonderful Fix You from Coldplay.

Fix You

Although when you hear BTS you probably think of the impressive choreographies and uptempo beats, the group chose to bring a cover of a slow song. The choice was striking Fix You by the British band Coldplay. BTS performed a modest and polyphonic version of the song, in which the group’s rappers also brought out their singing talent.

Coldplay himself is clearly also a fan of the cover of the Korean boy band. The British band brought out their best Korean to compliment BTS. The band shared the cover of BTS on social media with the message “아름다운”, which means “beautiful” in Korean.

Listen to the cover of this Fix You by BTS:

BTS also released some of their own hits:

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