BTS releases new album ‘BE’: A warm hug in lonely days

The Korean boy band BTS has released their latest album “BE” today. For that album they were involved in every step of the production process. The result is eight emotional and personal songs that feel like a warm hug during the lonely days in lockdown.

“BE”, the new album from BTS, has been available since this morning. It is an album that delves deeper into the corona crisis and its consequences for our mood, our relationships and our plans for the future. But BTS just wants to become our second cuddly contact with the album and thus give us a warm hug – from a distance.

Own contribution

“BE” is the most personal album released by BTS in the past seven years. Each member of BTS was given their own task in making the album. They kept their fans informed about the process with videos on YouTube. In those videos we also got some hints about what to expect from the album.

SUGA provided the album art for “BE”, Jung Kook directed the music video and V was responsible for the photo shoot accompanying the album. That photo shoot was also extra personal for the members. They each composed a room with elements that reflect their individuality.

Corona pandemic

It is of course related to the corona pandemic that BTS could be so closely involved in the creation of the album. Normally the guys from BTS this year had taken their biggest world tour ever to cities all over the world. But the coronavirus outbreak also cleared their entire agenda. And so they had time to focus on all aspects of making an album.

But the corona virus is also the common thread through the album. In the official press release read, “BE” gives a message of healing to the world. It means, “Even in the light of the new normal, our life continues.” The album reflects BTS’s thoughts, emotions and deepest doubts while working on the album. BTS is going for a richer musical spectrum with the new album and bringing the most BTS-like music to date. ”

Life Goes On

The title track of the album is Life Goes On. That song also immediately got a video clip. For that clip, the direction was in the hands of Jung Kook, the youngest member of BTS. Jung Kook, who was also recently elected Sexiest International Man, is passionate about film and has shared his own videos on YouTube before.

The clip is a collection of images of the seven members in their apartment, but there are also images of them enjoying the outdoors. At the end of the clip, the atmosphere changes and we see BTS on stage. The public stand behind them is empty, and the audience has been replaced by armybombs, the lightsticks from the group. Those images were taken just after BTS’s online concert, “Map of the Soul: ON: E”. For that concert, almost a million fans bought a ticket.

The world stands still, but life goes on

Life Goes On is about how the coronavirus changed the world. “One day the world stopped without any warning. Spring didn’t know to wait, showed up not even a minute late. Streets erased of footprints. I lie here, fallen to the ground. Time goes by on its own without a single apology“, BTS sings in the first verse. Later they continue: “There’s no end in sight. Is there a way out? My feet refuse to move“.

But the song mainly wants to be a form of support in these difficult times. “Close your eyes for a moment. Hold my hand. To that future, let’s run away.Because although the world now seems to be standing still, our lives are still moving on. So we must also try to make the most of it. All this will pass and then we will be able to continue our lives as before. And we are sure that we will appreciate the little things a lot more.

Leader RM also confirmed this message at the press conference for the album. “Whatever happens, despite everything that happens… life goes on. That’s the subject, that’s the motive. ”

Cuddle contact

Throughout the rest of the album, that same feeling remains the common thread in the lyrics. So goes Fly To My Room about how our entire world is as small as our room during lockdown. In the ballad Blue & Gray the members of BTS sing and rap about feelings of depression and anxiety.

The number Telepathy has a old-school hip-hop vibe but when you look at the text you notice that it is about the lack that comes with the lockdown. How you haven’t seen some people for months, but that these people are still just as important. Bee Dis-ease the link is of course direct. That song is about how the coronavirus made the certainties in life disappear, but that we still must not give up hope because we are strong enough to get through this. The latest new number Stay is directly about how BTS misses their fans. Since the beginning of the year, the group has only performed for empty venues, where their fans are present online, but that is of course not the same.

The last two songs are already known Dynamite and Skit. In Skit there is no singing, but there is talk. It is a recording of the reactions of RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook when they had just been told that Dynamite entered the Billboard 100 at number one. The full album thus forms an extra hug contact for the fans of BTS. Everything feels like one very big and warm hug across different genres, but with the same message: “We must not give up and all this will pass”.


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