Budget Day is over, what does this mean for your salary?

The net salary of “Jan Modaal”, Dutch people with an average income, increases by 45 euros per month. This becomes apparent after Budget Day and the accompanying bill of millions.

The net monthly salary of Dutch people with an average income (in the Netherlands it stands for 2,778 euros) will rise by 45 euros next year. That is an increase of 2 percent. This is evident from the first calculations made by HR service provider Visma | Raet, immediately after the announcement of the national budget.

Minima receive 25 euros per month

Visma Raet comes to more conclusions, although you can read an extensive reaction and calculations here. The quick conclusions on the bill of millions, which you should actually call billions of euros, are as follows:

• Employees who earn twice the average earn their net salary by 50 euros per month. This is an increase of 1.4 percent.

• Dutch people who earn the minimum wage in 2020 will receive 25 euros per month in 2021. This is an increase of 1.6 percent.

The calculations do not take into account any changes in the pension premiums.

Concrete salary 2021

Joke van der Velpen is Knowledge Manager at Visma | Raet and says: “This afternoon we were able to listen to a unique speech from the Throne from the Grote Kerk. Proposed measures have consequences for the personal situation of the working Netherlands. Ultimately, everyone wants to know what salary will be credited to his or her bank account in 2021. That is why we calculated the measures immediately after the announcement of the National Budget into a concrete salary for Dutch employees. With this we can help employers and employees to gain insight into the correct figures. We contribute to less speculation and rough estimates by providing accurate calculations and insight. Incidentally, this says nothing about people’s purchasing power. It is purely about a higher amount at the bottom of the line on the salary slip of employees in the Netherlands. ”

The Dutch thought that salary was going to fall

Previous research by Visma | Raet among more than a thousand Dutch people showed that 77 percent expected their salary to fall. According to 40 percent, the corona crisis would be the reason for this.

Calculate your future salary yourself? That is possible here. The most current legislative changes have been incorporated, so that everyone can gain insight into what he or she will net in 2021.

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Budget Day is over, what does this mean for your salary?


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