Budget Memorandum to the House of Representatives | Protest against loan system | And strike international trains

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It is the third Tuesday of September and although there is still no new cabinet, it is just Prinsjesdag. No driving tour with the royal couple because of corona, but a guard of honor and speech from the throne from the Grote Kerk and at three o’clock the Million Note is presented to the House of Representatives by Wopke Hoekstra. Of course you can follow everything on RTL Z. We talk about the budget with experts from ABN Amro and Triodos Bank, among others.

The Central Planning Bureau (CPB) publishes the new economic estimates. Leaked documents already showed that the planning office has become more positive about growth this year and next year.

No Prince’s Day without protests. Youth organizations make a statement to the House of Representatives for the abolition of the loan system. Later in the day, the WO=MEN Dutch gender platform will also be heard. This platform advocates more women and more diversity in politics.

Are you going to Belgium or are you already there? Then travel back on time because at midnight a strike by angry conductors from NS International who work on the Intercity Brussels will start. They are angry because they are paid less than their colleagues who work at Thalys Eurostar and ICE Berlin & Nightjet. Some of the trains are not running due to the promotion.

This piece was the most shared yesterday: The 1 billion euros that will be set aside according to the leaked Budget Day plans to tackle the housing shortage is completely insufficient. That is what action groups and social organizations that organize the Housing Protest and the Housing Revolt say.

We think you should also read this: In the collective labor agreement negotiations in 2022, the FNV trade union will aim for a wage requirement of 100 euros gross per month for each employee.

And this you may have missed last night: A web module should ensure that clients know from now on whether they can hire or hire someone as a freelancer. In more than 28 percent of the cases, however, no clarity is provided after completing a long questionnaire. This is apparent from an evaluation that outgoing minister Wouter Koolmees sent to the House of Representatives.

This could come along at the digital coffee machine:

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ps Eliminating contact money completely is still a bit difficult. But the ‘war on cash’ is moving into high gear. The Netherlands wants to ban cash payments above 5000 euros in the fight against black money. And that can be good news for cryptocurrencies, explains Roland Koopman.

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