Bug: AMD graphics driver overclocks Ryzen processors –

The driver for Radeon graphics cards unintentionally overclocks Ryzen CPUs due to an error – crashes can be the result.

With the AMD software Adrenalin, Ryzen CPUs can be overclocked in addition to graphics cards from the manufacturer. Anyone who has previously used tools such as Afterburner no longer needs additional software for both tasks. In the current version Adrenalin 22.3.1, however, an error has crept into the Ryzen Master Module function, which overclocks the processor without user intervention and overwrites previous user inputs.

Unstable system due to CPU overclocking

AMD has also recognized the problem and promised an update. The bug became public after a post by Igor Wallossek from Igors Lab. Accordingly, the first time a GPU profile is loaded, the driver also accepts new parameters for the processor in the system in addition to new voltages and clock rates for the graphics card. Anyone who has stored their own configurations in the UEFI or via the software Curve Optimizer will be confronted with an error message. The new GPU profile, on the other hand, can only be used after a restart. Sometimes there are also changes to the CPU configuration in the master module of the graphics driver. This can lead to an unstable system.

Better skip updates

Profiles for the graphics card that were still generated with the old drivers are also affected by the problem. The only thing that helps here is a reset of the settings in the UEFI. As a way out until the software is updated, Radeon Software Slimmer can help. This allows the Ryzen master module of the driver to be switched off. AMD wants to investigate the problem, but continues to offer version 22.3.1 for download on the official website. If you want to avoid problems, you should rather not update to the version mentioned above.

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