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Build a house yourself? Keep this in mind

It is penetrating the housing market. In fact, we have too few homes for the demand that exists, so we are also working hard on new-build homes. Perhaps you are also thinking about realizing your dream home yourself.

That is a nice project to start, but there are a number of things to take into account when you start building your own house.

Rent road plates

If you want something left of the garden space around the house, you better make sure that the surface is protected as well as possible during the construction process. After all, it is walked on and off, so the load on the surface around your house is high. Road plates can help here. With these sturdy plates you make a kind of road over which you can walk comfortably and transport items and at the same time spare your garden. If a construction company that you engage does not take care of this, it is good to know that there is road plate rental, so you do not have to purchase them yourself. So don’t forget: rent plastic road plates to make your construction process more comfortable and to protect your garden.

Warranty after delivery

If you engage a construction company, do not forget that there is a form of warranty after delivery. If defects arise above the surface in the first six months after your house has been completed, the construction company must repair these defects free of charge. However, hidden defects that you did not discover during the transfer can also surface afterwards. A contractor is liable for such hidden defects up to five years after delivery and is itself liable for serious defects, such as construction faults, for the first twenty years.

Don’t expect a flawless home

How desirable and perhaps even self-evident as it is, you should not expect a spotless home upon delivery. Unfortunately, a new-build home with an average of fifteen defects is delivered. Fortunately, this often includes small things, such as a door handle or socket that is not properly secured. But it is also possible that, for example, the installation of an attic staircase has not been thought of (yes really, that happens) or that a floor appears to be not level.

A photo of the brick wall of a house

Construction technical inspection during construction

Of course, no one wants there to be defects in his new-build home or the construction project he’s been working on. If you want to do something to prevent hidden defects from emerging later, you can still have a construction inspection carried out during construction. This can be a wise choice, especially if you yourself lack knowledge. You can engage an expert from the Home Owners Association, for example. For example, you can still intervene in time to repair any construction errors and hopefully you will no longer have it when you want to withdraw or have already withdrawn.


If you have ever seen construction or remodel programs on television, you have hopefully noticed that there are often setbacks that arise along the way and cause higher costs. Unfortunately, this is common practice in construction projects. It is therefore unwise to budget tightly. Always have a margin. That is to say: either budgeted generously, or at least keep money on hand to be able to make additional payments when this is necessary. After all, setbacks often only surface when it is too late to abandon construction. Shortage of money, in addition to not going according to schedule, is the biggest stress factor that can arise during a construction process. Don’t try to do this to yourself.

Do not save on the quality of materials

We remain Dutch, so we want to get as much value for our money as possible. However, don’t let that legitimize skipping on materials. If you now choose cheaper materials of lower quality, you will regret it in the long run. At that point, repairing such an error of judgment will cost more than it would have cost to get it right right on construction. As understandable as it is that you have in your mind that you want to realize your dream home as soon as possible, you should only start if you have the money together to do it in a good way.

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Build a house yourself? Keep this in mind


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