Buitengoed De Gaard in Heythuysen (Limburg) is the hotel of the week: here you are surrounded by love | To travel

Everything about Buitengoed de Gaard radiates love. First of all, the logo in the shape of a heart that appears on towels and bathware. The heart-shaped strawberry cake that is fresh in the fridge, next to the goat cheeses that go well with the pumpkin that is ready for the soup, the farm-fresh breakfast brought by Mélange in a picnic basket.

But it is above all the love for the profession that Anja Versteeg-Peters and her husband Bas have had for years. You can feel it: an interested message via Instagram, the question of which scent she can drip into the warm-fired hot tub, or whether I would like to bring the kids to the pasture in the morning.

In addition to the luxurious, white Pipowagens, the most eye-catching residence of the estate is the hundreds of years old music kiosk. Affectionately called the four-season house by Anja because it is ready every season in all its charm. Although hard evidence is lacking, this masonry mini castle is called the oldest music kiosk in the Netherlands, estimated to be 400 years old. Both the monumental farmhouse and the accompanying estate have been in the family’s possession for almost a century.

Twenty years ago a piece was put on the kiosk, but it remains as authentic as it is small and cute. The master bedroom in the ridge, for example, can be reached by a cast iron (metal) spiral staircase and with authentic beams on the ceiling. The second bedroom is located just below the living room which can be heated with a nice wood stove.

Soft towels are available for after dipping in the old roll top bath. Candles are on every step of the old staircase, the window curtains hang from the metal brackets. The cottage has everything for full use that can only be rented per week due to corona.

The four-season house is also a favorite with musicians and musical stars, judging by all the personal messages on paintings in and around the house. A welcome guest is Willeke Alberti, who also sang for the meeting that was organized here to draw attention to the Rett syndrome from which the daughter of the house suffers.

This ensured that Anja started renting out the house and later the cars. This way she can be at home for her daughter, but also for her guests. Thus the circle, or rather the heart, is complete again: originated from love and executed with love. We stayed with love in the attractive mini house, with a warm hot tub in front of the door and a wood stove.



Antique and functional together, all necessities are there.


On a main road, but closed from prying eyes by the monumental wall and in summer by vegetation.


Anja takes care of herself as a mother hen if necessary, including entertainment for the little ones at the goat farm, but also knows exactly when peace is needed.


Prices from € 575 (for a week)

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