Bulk update gives Windows 10 new function

The update KB5011543 adds a feature in Windows 10 that was recently introduced for Windows 11. It’s all about this.

Updated March 23, 2022:

Microsoft has released the new cumulative update KB5011543 for Windows 10 for download, which is distributed to all users of Windows 10 Version 20H2, Windows 10 Version 21H1 and Windows 10 Version 21H2 in a preview version via Windows Update. The update was initially only distributed to Windows Insiders last week, now it’s the turn of all Windows 10 users who want to install the preview version.

The bulk update contains non-security updates and also adds a new feature in Windows 10: Search Highlights. A function that Windows 11 also has, albeit in a slightly different form. You can read more about Search Highlights further down in this message.

In the release notes for KB5011543, Microsoft points out that the search highlights will only be activated for Windows 10 users in the coming weeks. This should be done in several phases. It will be a few months before it is “widely available”.

In addition, various smaller bugs are also fixed with KB5011543. Including an issue that prevented Android device owners from successfully signing in to some Microsoft apps like Outlook or Teams.

Original message from March 15, 2022:

Windows 10 is still much more popular than Windows 11 and Microsoft is still working on new functions for Windows 10. An innovation recently announced for Windows 11 is now also being delivered for Windows 10, as Microsoft announced in a blog post.

With the KB5011543 update, the “Search Highlights” function ends up on the desktop of Windows 10 users. For now, KB5011543 will only be delivered to Windows Insiders via the Release Preview channel. This increases the build number of Windows 10 to Windows 10 21H2 Build 19044.1618. But it shouldn’t be long before all Windows 10 users will receive KB5011543, we assume by patch day in April 2022 at the latest.

KB5011543 contains numerous bug fixes as per the release notes. But it also brings a real innovation to the desktop: the “Search Highlights”.

That’s behind “Search Highlights”

Microsoft presented the “Search Highlights” for Windows 11 last week, which we reported on in detail in the following article: Windows 11 gets a video editor, explorer tabs and more innovations.

In Windows 11, you have to click the magnifying glass icon on the desktop to see these search highlights. Under Windows 10 they are displayed after clicking on the search input field next to the start button. Extended information is then displayed on days that Microsoft considers particularly important. The example given is Earth Day, which falls on April 22 this year and takes place in Germany this year under the motto “Your clothes make the man”.

In the search highlights, Microsoft displays further information on special days. Users should be able to see directly what’s going on in “the world”, as Microsoft explains Microsoft and further: “The search field in the taskbar and the start page are regularly updated with content, including fun illustrations, to help you find out more to discover, stay connected and be productive.”

The left panel still shows recently opened files, applications, and settings for quick access. The whole thing looks like this on the Windows 10 desktop:

Search Highlights in Windows 10

For users who sign in to Windows 10 with a school or work account, the search window shows information relevant to them. For example news from the company or about colleagues.

Anyone who logs into Windows 10 with a company account will in future receive this information in the search window


Anyone who logs into Windows 10 with a company account will in future receive this information in the search window


Microsoft also points out that what is displayed in the search window can also be customized by users. There is a new entry in the context menu under “Search” for this when the user right-clicks on the search input field.

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