Bunting shows resilience and beats Wade

Wade immediately takes the advantage

Immediately in the first set it became clear what James Wade’s battle plan was. Take the first set from Bunting and then continue quietly. He succeeded in the first. “The Machine” took the first set, as Bunting made a few minor mistakes on the doubles. He also succeeded in the second. Wade, as calm as ever, quickly took a 2-0 lead in legs in the second set. “The Bullet” did something back after that by placing a break through a 121-finish, but then missed the chance to equalize. The second set also went to 37-year-old Wade. He did this by throwing the double 20 twice from 80.

Bunting is now taking advantage of opportunities

Where Bunting failed a bit in the first two sets, he does manage to take advantage of the opportunities he got in sets three and four. Both sets went to the man from St. Helens 3-1. Where Bunting continued to improve, James Wade fell completely through the ice in sets three and four. It started with a math error in set three. “The Machine” thought he was on a finish of 76, but that was 96. And in set four, Wade averaged only 66.71.

Wade throws a perfect leg, but cannot turn the tide

Bunting was then allowed to start the fifth set again and kept his own leg. Then James Wade, out of the blue, threw a 9-darter! The man from Aldershot was not really euphoric and with fresh reluctance he accepted Stephen Bunting’s congratulations. Wade had no reason to cheer either, because all legs went with the darts and the fifth set went to Bunting. So Wade had to do everything in his power to pull out another decisive set. Also in set six all legs seemed to go with the darts, but a bad start by Wade in the deciding leg allowed Bunting to take advantage and win the match. The 35-year-old Bunting will take on Ryan Searle in the fourth round.


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