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Buried under Olympic ambitions Movie


When does encouragement become coercion? When to stimulate boost? Inspired by a news story about a family tragedy surrounding an Austrian shot putter, experienced commercial director Rogier Hesp makes his feature film debut with this sporty drama. Anne Hofhuis delivered her first feature film scenario for this and the Dutch top gymnast David Wristers makes her debut as an actor.

Wrister’s muscular body is a wonderful instrument to show the emotional vulnerability of his character. Which, to Timo’s own surprise, mainly comes to the surface under the hands of physiotherapist Irene (Loes Haverkort). He is an adolescent in an imposing male body, who has to stand up to his demanding father and make his own choices. However difficult that may be.

The struggle to get and stay at the top is a source of tension. Which also applies to this complicated father-son relationship. Rogier Hesp is often close to his characters and shows with modest images how diverse their needs are. Because in the successful directorial debut gold everyone is lonely in their own way. A victory is not necessarily a win. And there are also losses to be made.


Available exclusively on Picl from 20 May and from 3 June via various other VOD providers.


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