Burning VW Golf Hybrid leads to major recall

A brand new VW Golf 8 Hybrid burned out in February 2021. The spectacular fire is now leading to the recall of many tens of thousands of Volkswagen hybrid vehicles.

Update April 1, 2022:

Volkswagen is recalling over 100,000 new plug-in hybrid vehicles to the workshop. Because of the risk of fire. This is the problem that led to the spectacular fire of a brand new VW Golf VIII in 2021, see below.

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Update 6/15/2021:

Despite demand, Volkswagen has not yet released any further information about the burning new VW Golf Hybrid. Despite requests, no further information came from the Felsberg fire brigade. So the “burning” question remains unanswered as to why an almost brand new Golf Hybrid caught fire. Should VW still provide us with information on the cause of the fire, we will add it here.

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February 17, 2021: New VW Golf 8 Hybrid explodes

The Felsberg volunteer fire department (Northern Hesse) reports and here with photos of the burning vehicle that they have extinguished a burning hybrid car. The vehicle was only two days old and only had a total mileage of 300 kilometers. It was completely destroyed in the fire. The fire service continues: “According to the driver, there was a bright blue flash and a loud bang while driving. The bang and the blast were so violent that the vehicle’s windows were pushed out of the body. The bang was also audible in other parts of the city.”

The driver and his companion were able to exit the vehicle with minor injuries. The car was on fire within a few seconds, as the news portal HNA adds. When extinguished, the vehicle’s battery proved to be a problem, according to the report. Because the battery installed in the rear of the vehicle reignited the fire over and over again. Finally, the fire brigade resorted to the complex measure that firefighting experts generally recommend for electric cars: the vehicle was immersed in a container with water. To this end, a towing company picked up the burned-down car and completely submerged it in a special container. As the news portal n24 adds, the burning new car was a VW Golf 8 hybrid.

The total damage is said to be 45,000 euros, as reported by HNA. The tarmac of the road was damaged by the high temperature. A VW spokesman confirmed the incident to Automobilwoche. The cause is not yet known.

First statement from Volkswagen leaves all questions unanswered

PC-WELT asked Volkswagen for a statement immediately after the fire. VW responded promptly at the time, but was overwhelmed:

Please understand that the analysis and evaluation of the case you mentioned is not yet complete. The safety of our customers is our top priority. In order to be able to guarantee the high standard we have set ourselves for our vehicles, we analyze the circumstances and the technical background of a case in which, according to a media report, a fire/explosion of a Golf 8 occurred. Based on the results of the investigation, we will initiate appropriate measures if necessary.

Basically, the following applies: When operating all motor vehicles, in very rare exceptional cases, vehicle fires can even occur. These can have various causes, some of which are also causally related – in particular technical faults, leakage of flammable operating fluids (keyword: marten bite), improper use, improper installation of additional components, unwanted temperature increases in the exhaust system or exhaust gas leakage, one not intended use of the vehicle, tampering, maintenance errors or incorrect fueling


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All of our further inquiries remained unanswered.

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