Burnout: signs and 5 steps you can take to prevent it

Courtesy of Carlene MacMillan

Burnout: According to the World Health Organization, this is a syndrome that is related to unmanaged, chronic stress at work. A syndrome that can manifest itself through many different symptoms.

What do entrepreneurs have in common with executives who are moving towards burnout? You feel energized or exhausted. They become increasingly distant or have negative or cynical feelings about their role. And in many cases they also work less and less efficiently.

In the USA, almost half of all job changes are due to burnout. There alone, the disease causes annual treatment costs of $ 125 to 190 billion. The figures for Germany are less clear because there are still no official, clear diagnostic criteria for burnout syndrome. One thing is certain, however: In Germany, too, more and more employees are absent from work every year because they struggle with mental illness. This was the result of the DAK Psychoreport 2020, for example.

Burnout is not only bad for the health of employees – it is also bad for companies. Here are some tips for executives who want to effectively combat this growing problem: They can help fight burnout, reduce stress at work, and restore energy outside the office.

5 ways you can avert burnout


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