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Busier times for real estate agents, more people putting their houses up for sale

If you walk around your own neighborhood, you may have already noticed. More signage signs can be seen in gardens and on facades. On the Funda website, which lists the housing supply, the number of homes put up for sale is higher than a year ago.

The trend has been slightly negative since the summer of 2019, year-on-year. But the reverse has been the case in recent weeks. More houses were put on Funda every week than a year earlier. “Feedback we get from brokers is that they too are busier,” says Funda director Quintin Schevernels.

Corona extra push to sell

Now spring is always a busier period for real estate agents, says spokesman Sonja van der Graaf of real estate association NVM. In addition, this year, people are “confronted with their home” due to corona time. By that she means that people realize that it is nice to have an extra room for working from home, for example.

Corona provides the ‘extra push that people needed if they already wanted to move’. According to Van der Graaf, people do not so much put their houses up for sale because they feel that a recession is coming.


Robin Scholten of Lelieveld Makelaardij, active in the triangle of Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch, did not expect this bustle a few weeks ago. “I thought the housing market would settle down a few weeks ago. It really seems like a madhouse now.”

Scholten cannot really understand why there is so much movement in the housing market. Maybe because interest rates are still low, he thinks. Or because people can still get what they need for their home. After all, it remains to be seen what the housing market will look like in six months.

Time to think about sales

“People want to and have time to think about it,” says Judith Kalsbeek of the Frisian real estate agency Hoekstra. She means we are at home en masse because of corona. She also expected that the housing market would come to a halt, but things are now going faster than usual.

One of the reasons, she says, is that people who are now going for new construction are considering putting their current home on sale.

Little changes in the housing market

Normally, an increase in the housing supply causes a change in the market. In recent years, you only put your house up for sale if you had bought a new home.

Nevertheless, professor of housing market Peter Boelhouwer does not expect that this will suddenly change. The shortage of housing is still far too great for that. “You take a lot of risk to first sell a house and only then buy something.”

Before you know it you will be without a house. Because there is not that much supply. The game of outbidding will remain for a while, he thinks.

Huge question, but no more than before

Frits Markus of Markant Makelaars from Barendrecht also remains level-headed. “I see almost no difference. The offer is no more than before.” According to him, figures all over the Netherlands do not say much. “The housing market does not exist. What is average? I don’t really like it.”

He does see that the demand for housing remains high, so he is still busy. “Funda sees a huge influx of visitors. I think this is partly due to working from home.” Interest enough, but it is difficult to get a new home. And anyone who seeks alone does not put his own house up for sale, Markus is his experience.

RTL Z Housing Index: three scenarios for the ‘corona housing market’:


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